Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Ode or an Elegy

With a lot of memories, I sold my Rockrider two months back and I thought I'll  start a tribute thread with the stories of all the offroad trips I've taken it around chennai.

I bought my Rockrider on March 2012 and captured my experiences in this forum. Its was an Imported one (one of the made in china ones) that I got from RR cycles in Bangalore just before the 2012 budget was announced. I got the bike in a Box from bangalore to chennai and assembled it myself. It was a very big accomplishment for me back then!

I started off with the local club rides with Tamilnadu Cycling Club(TCC). I remember my first ever ride when I was going alone at night and stopped for a break realizing that the rear tyre was punctured :( Had to walk almost 5 kilometers before I found a puncture shop at 11 pm!

The very next day, there was a 80 Km  TCC group ride on ECR and I carried 20 ruppes with me! I was a smoker back then (quit for more than half a year now) and spend all the money on cigarettes! The sun was scorching and the last 20 kilometers I had to stop at all my friends places for water and food! Somehow reached home and slept for 15 hours!

From then on it was a learning curve every step. Due to the summers, I couldn't go offroading much but I did frequent solo rides to mahabalipuram via ECR. Night riding was terrific on this bike and the steel was a blessing! Now that I have an Alloy bike, I realize how good Hi-Ten steel is.

So one fine day I get an email from Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) about their ride to Pulicat Lake. The 160 kilometers seemed intimidating but I prepared myself whole week on the saddle. Constant thoughts kept propping up my head, what if I get exhausted? What if I cant keep up? what if my legs catch up an Injury? what if I get lost?

Ill write about the Pulicat Lake ride in the next post with pictures.

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